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Fifty Classic Ski Descents of North America is not a book, it’s an icon
— Lou Dawson (an icon himself)

Authored nearly ten years ago by Chris Davenport, Art Burroughs and Penn Newhard, the lines, faces and mountains of Fifty Classic Descents were sourced with the guidance of North America’s most experienced backcountry skiers.

Still in print, the hardbound, 200-page, 11”x12” volume is available for purchase from the authors. It includes stunning contributions from 55 highly talented outdoor photographers and insightful conversations with 14 respected ski mountaineers including Hilaree O'Neill, Andrew McLean, Jimmy Chin, Glen Plake, Mark Synnott and Greg Hill.

The Fifty Project does not receive any compensation for books purchased through this website. I was inspired by the visionary work of its authors and am in their debt. What goes around comes around.


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