Terminal Cancer, Ruby Mountains

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[o] @westonshirey


Elevation 9570” 2917m

Aspect: North

Vertical: 1800’

Coordinates: 40°38’45”N 115°25’11”W

First descent: Royer, Bard, Baker, Moe 1979

“The Rubies hold cold dry snow. Terminal Cancer is a strong line with an easy approach. Getting to Nevada is the hard part.” (FCSDofNA)

Although Reinhold Messner said ‘There are no more great first ascents,’ I think there’s a lot of great stuff to do—including a lot of great firsts.
— Cody Townsend
Out in the rugged dusty wild of Nevada, lies an infamously aesthetic couloir named Terminal Cancer. While skied very very often, the crew takes on the attempt to fulfill a quest for "First Descents". The sarcasm runs deeper than the bootpack and the humor longer than the chute itself.