East Face Glacier Route, Middle Teton

Cody and Mark Smiley traverse the ridge //  [o]   @bjarnesalen

Cody and Mark Smiley traverse the ridge // [o] @bjarnesalen


Elevation 12804” 3902m

Aspect: East

Vertical: 1044’ on face. 6116’ to car

Coordinates: 43°43’48”N 110°48’38”W

First descent: Possibly Shea 1978

“One of the most popular Teton ski peaks, the Middle Teton offers many summit ski routes, including the wonderful Glacier Route on the East Face.” (FCSDofNA)

Be open to whatever experience you’re going to have and know that’s the experience you need to embrace. Surrender to the present moment.
— Janelle Smiley
The FIFTY has always been about learning, so who better to learn from than the couple, Mark & Janelle Smiley, who attempted to climb all fifty of the Fifty Classic Climbs of North America based upon the book of the same name that inspired the ski-centric book Townsend is now following.