Ford-Stettner Couloir, Grand Teton

Jimmy Chin about to drop in //  [o]   @codytownsend

Jimmy Chin about to drop in // [o] @codytownsend


Elevation 13770” 4197m

Aspect: South

Vertical: 2,700’ to Teepee Glacier. 7000 to start

Coordinates: 43°44’28”N 110°48’09”W

First descent: Briggs 1971

“The standard descent on one of the world’s most iconic peaks, the Ford-Stettner is a must do for any aspiring ski mountaineer.” (FCSDofNA)

Rise early. Fix a time-table to which you must try to keep. One seldom regrets having made an early start, but one always regrets having set off too late.
— Gaston Rebuffat
Often called a test piece of ski mountaineering, the Grand Teton is an icon in skiing and climbing. From an abundance of mileage and vert to technical mixed climbing, the Grand presents a multitude of challenges for the way up and back down.