Aemmer Couloir, Mt. Temple

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[o] @codytownsend


Elevation 11624” 3543m

Aspect: North

Vertical: 1800’

Coordinates: 51°21’03N 146°12’21”W

First descent: Ward 1979

“The Aemmer Couloir is everything a couloir should be: steep, direct, long, and inviting. If dictionaries had pictures, under ‘couloir’ would be a photo of the Aemmer. The couloir generally holds good snow, but the upper slopes can be icy.” (FCSDofNA)

Men Wanted . . . For Hazardous Journey. Small wages, bitter cold, long months of complete darkness, constant danger. Safe return doubtful. Honour and recognition in case of success . . .
— Ernest Shackleton's 1916 ad for his legendary Antartic expedition
A last minute decision to go to a place not known for mid-winter steep skiing descents takes the crew to the Rocky Mountains of Canada. Yet just getting there is half the battle with sketchy highways, early cold mornings and a 13km walk just to get to the base of the infamously beautiful Aemmer Couloir in Banff National Park.